Citizen Participation


What does water colour indicate? One of the most apparent characteristics of water to the human eye is water colour. Water colour indicates the algae and organic content of the water that feeds organisms. Your observations are therefore valuable to scientists and water authorities. You can now contribute by downloading the EyeonWater app! All observations are shown on the EyeonWater website:

Secchi Disk

Anyone sailing in the open sea can contribute to the largest ongoing marine citizen science project to measure phytoplankton levels.

Living at the surface of the sea the phytoplankton are particularly sensitive to changes in sea surface temperature. A recent study of global phytoplankton abundance over the last century concluded that global phytoplankton concentrations have declined due to rising sea surface temperatures as a consequence of current climate change.

We need to know much more about these changes and you can help by making a simple piece of scientific equipment called a Secchi Disk and using the Secchi App.

To know more about the Secchi Disk study, access the website

Marine Debris Tracker

The Marine Debris Tracker mobile application is a joint initiative between the NOAA Marine Debris Program and the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative (SEA-MDI), run out of the University of Georgia College of Engineering. The tracker app allows you to help make a difference by checking in when you find trash on our coastlines and waterways. This tool is a great way to get involved in local data collection – imagine being able to use your data to characterize the marine debris problem at your local beach. Anyone picking up marine litter can easily track and log items from a list of common debris items found on the shoreline or in the water. Litter tracking is not just for the coasts – you can track debris picked up anywhere in the country, even a stream in Nebraska. The app records the debris location through GPS, and you can view the data on your phone. Submit the data to SEA-MDI’s Marine Debris Tracker website for viewing and download later (requires registration, which is available on the app). Download the app and start tracking today!