iFADO organizes technology workshop and international glider mission in the Azores

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These initiatives will be held in Horta, on Tuesday 22 October 2019, 09:00 -17:00.

The iFADO project, whose team will be gathered in the Azores for the 5th project meeting, will host a workshop for the presentation of interregional integration of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and the application of novel technologies for cooperative monitoring through international missions.

The workshop will focus on international collaboration and the involvement of innovative technologies in ocean monitoring, as well as the role of other actors in this scientific area, such as industry and research entities. The event will be a great opportunity to discuss the relevance of new technologies to a deeper understanding of large maritime areas, such as the North Atlantic. To this end, the workshop will also include an exhibition of autonomous vehicles (gliders), corresponding to instruments equipped with a series of meteorological and oceanographic sensors, for oceanographic monitoring purposes.

After the workshop, a transnational mission will begin in Port of Horta, characterized by the launch of two gliders belonging to iFADO partners, namely PLOCAN and Marine Institute (Foras na Mara). The gliders will contribute for demonstration of simultaneous monitoring of the Atlantic waters in the Macaronesia region.