iFADO project contributes to increase public awareness about the MSFD

In: Upcoming Events
Two activities will be held in Horta (Azores, Portugal), where the 5th project meeting will also take place

The iFADO team will be gathered for the 5th project meeting in Faial island, a very common destination for the sailing community. In this way, the consortium is also organizing two Citizen Science events.

During 21st October, an open exhibition will take place at the Maritime Terminal of Horta. In this event, the public will be able to observe in loco one glider (Slocum vehicle) from iFADO partner Marine Institute (Foras na Mara), as well as several videos about glider operations and missions.

In addition to the common agenda of the 5th project meeting, on 23rd October, a public presentation of the project will be performed on Oceanic Cafe. This session, organized by partner FRCT on the scope of WP2 (Project Communication), is intended to increase public awareness to ocean literacy and about the MSFD. For that purpose, three iFADO members – FRCT, NOVELTIS and PLOCAN – will talk about the ocean environment, in an ambience traditionally acquainted by the “Sailing for Pleasure” community.

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