Researchers of iFADO involved in two Citizen Science events

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Profs. Vanda Brotas (FCUL) and Richard Lampitt (NOC) talked about their research work in Lisbon and Southampton, respectively

The iFADO project, on the scope of WP2 (Project Communication), is working on increasing public awareness to ocean literacy and about the MSFD. For that purpose, two iFADO researchers talked about the ocean environment during Pint of Science Festival 2019.

At Pint of Science Lisbon, last 20th May, Prof. Vanda Brotas (FCUL) made a presentation entitled “O que o mar esconde e os satélites revelam” (What sea hides and satellites reveal), explaining the role of phytoplankton on the carbon cycle, the importance of Earth observation by satellites, and how they can help us to understand the effect of climate changes on the organisms. This talk was included in the topic about “Challenges in land, opportunities in the sea”.

Just two days after, at Pint of Science Southampton, Prof. Richard Lampitt (NOC) participated in the topic about “Commotion in the ocean”, presenting “Plastics in the ocean: Do we really have a crisis?”. This talk launched the debate about plastic pollution, in particular the unseen microplastics, and the potential for serious damage to the marine environment.

The Pint of Science Festival brings scientists to discuss their latest research with the public. During this year events, thousands of researchers across 400 cities and 24 countries shared their discoveries with the public in their local pub, bar or cafe.

For additional information about the festival, visit the official website.