The iFADO partnership, involving 20 partners, will foster the regional quadruple helix cooperation including public sector, university/research centres, enterprise and end-users to ensure that the designed products meet the market needs and are sustainable after the project lifetime.

The iFADO project is looking for companies interested in testing their developments on open waters conditions (i.e. cruises or the consortium platforms) and that will gain visibility to the monitoring institutions and policy-making organisations. This visibility will be reinforced through the project webpage ( and social media (twitter: @AAiFADO, Facebook: @AAiFADO; LinkedIn: iFADO; vimeo: iFADO). The collaboration will be formalised by a common simplified Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) .

The project is open for collaboration with other institutions/projects that are currently performing monitoring activities in the Atlantic waters in order to provide visibility to their activities and to share methodologies for indicators calculation.

The project is trying to involve citizens to obtain more effective ways to collect data in offshore waters by promoting the use of existing mobile apps for ocean data collection with special focus in the sailing for pleasure community. Citizens will also be approached by ocean literacy events in the five participant countries.

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